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One of the Best life Stealing Game You Will Ever Play

By Ivy Paloma

On Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The game is good, as a matter of fact, the original version of it was the second game I wrote a review for PHP Nuke. I started playing it over 3 years ago, and all I can say is that this game is one of the best RTS combat game there is.

Stronghold Crusader has become well-known because players have the tendency to get highly addictive to the game. This version contains both the first expansion and the original game, giving players full access to the entire game. The gameplay is very fun and entertaining. The storyline is remarkably deep and interesting. I also noticed the graphics and the visuals of it are good and unique.

Overall, this game is very addictive. If you love online games: You will like this one! If you do not like online games, give this one a try! It might change your mind. Stronghold Crusader is a nice game, no question about that.


  • Very huge maps to explore
  • This game is easy to learn


  • Steep learning curve for new players



Build and Defend your Own City with this Real-time Strategy Game

By Reinalei Jamir

On Wednesday, May 28, 2014

For those of you who like real-time strategy games and prefer defensive plays for instance, constructing your own city walls and protecting your gates, then this is the perfect RTS game for you. I also like how I can modify my own game such as selecting a map, enemy and advantage or disadvantage that I can get. This RTS game is just awesome!

Furthermore, I also like how this game crosses between a real-time strategy and simulator that gives a more realistic way of playing. The graphics may be old, but it still works for me. The gameplay is a bit complex, but once you get familiarized with it, I am sure you’ll love it.

If you are seeking for an RTS game that is not too heavy on your PC, yet very entertaining, then you should try Stronghold Crusader. This game is old, but for a real strategy gamer, this game is on the top level. For every RTS game fanatic out there, Go and try this one!


  • Entertaining and quite an addicting game
  • The game has skirmish mode


  • Gameplay is a bit difficult at first




By Dann Kamau

On Thursday, February 12, 2015

StrongHold Crusader

The best seller game known as the Stronghold made us fight around a medieval pseudo Europe and was very interesting. This new game the Stronghold Crusader is a successor of that first game but comes with a different dimension as it now takes us to fight against the Arabian expansion in ‘the Crusader’ in the hot deserts of Arabia. We have Richard the Lionheart and Saladin, the sultan of Syria who comes to fight a strategic war with the rival lords in the Crusader trail.

This game is very educative as it brings out a very fine balance of resource management and combat. Play and watch how archers on the wall protect very well the bakers running to get flour to make bread to feed the same archers. Using resources available and actually provided by a thriving economy inside your very well defended castle walls you very much enjoy building a massive army and even the castle itself. This shows that the Stronghold Crusader is not just about a senseless battle between a bunch of armies but a well thought battle crusade that uses resources well to create an enabling environment.



- Game shows a fine balance of resource management and combat

-The theme of the game is educative


-Very simple to learn even a dumb head can do in 5 minutes

By Dann Kamau


  • Game shows a fine balance of resources management and combat
  • The theme of the game is educative


  • Very simple to learn even a dumb head can do in 5 minutes




For what are you going to use the program?
  • for fun, because it is a super cool game to learn to make strategic decesions. And its also awesome in multiplayer mode to have fun with friends.

  • i m going to use the program for fun of course because i ve always loved this game and i want to play again in medieval period and all of that

  • To play for enjoy,because it is very interested game for me.stronghold is a world popular games.and also it improve knowledge about gaming. @

  • i will be using this game for personal use only. i usually only play on the computer or and a console every so often which is not all time..

What do you like most about this program?
  • its free to enjoy since my cd has gone missing and im afraid that the grandchildren have gotten ahold of it to use as sandpaper to smooth out concrete

  • its free and it has demos. i also like that it is completley safe compared to most recent websites. Im glad i found the game stronghold crusador.


  • including all the game stronghold crusader, I am very happy when I was playing and I like this program where I can download any game you wish to play especially assasians creed

There was a time in which wars were won in battlefields; warriors waited positioned in front our walls ready to attack. Missions were achieved by those armies with the best technological advances, and our objective was to build the biggest Wonder ever known…But these times are over. Stronghold Crusader is the successor of the best-selling Stronghold, which after having made us fight around a Medieval pseudo-Europe, it takes us now to fight against the Arabian expansionin the Crusades. Play Stronghold Crusader to help Richard the Lionheart to handle conflicts with a good strategy and build a thriving society able to support your army.

Stronghold Crusader Features

  • It keeps Stronghold’s world and enhances its tropes and buildings
  • New plot based on Crusades
  • Quite high difficulty, ideal for lovers of this kind of games
  • Online mode pretty attractive and dynamic
  • Game’s web which offers technical support, forum, store and online community


Second part, or extension? Neither the one nor the other, Stronghold Crusader is the continuation of the well-known strategy game of Firefly Studios, and that brings us to a game completely identical to its predecessor, with the same approach and fighting system, but with an (finally now) accurate historical touch, from which you can start a real plot.

For those of you who don’t already know this game, let me tell you a bit of history. Around the year 2001, with strategy genre at the end of its golden days, a beam of light surprised all of us. A simple game at first sight, but which was hid a curious complexity. Yes, our objective in Stronghold Crusader is to remove all the invaders we face on our map, but at the same time, we will have to generate and maintain our own city and fortress, controlling the happiness of thepopulation, and that they have enough food and thus pay their taxes to keep the wars in which their lord is involved.

Stronghold Crusader revolves around a castle, our “hero” is resting in it, and with him, some citizens look for a better life. From now on, our task, in the single-player mode, will be to create a village in which citizens can live and develop. For example, building some houses we will see how mothers appear taking care of their new-borns, as well as some children will start running around the map. Villagers will surround the fire in front of the castle and start working in the tasks developed in every building we create. This way, they will collect wood whenever we give them a store where they can keep their tools; stone and iron when we buy quarries; and food when they work on farms or farmland crops. Everything, obviously, taking care of them against enemy invasions. You can also use units of assassins and mercenary soldiers to take advantage of them.

Regarding all what we have previously mentioned, it seems that Stronghold Crusader is just another real-time strategy game, nevertheless, inside it there is an interesting combination of genrelays, altogether with an excellent online mode. To battles and real-time recollections, the guys of FireFly Studios have added the logistic power of urban construction games.

From now on, our success in history will not only depend on our advance on weapons; we will also need to manage our settlement to be a good place to live in, that generates the necessary money for its defence and the managing of the war, and that workers feel happy and thankful for helping their Feudal Lord. To achieve this, you will need to manage the obtaining of nourishment, creation of weapons, jobs, stores, homes in which villagers can live…

Thus, if we don’t have houses we will not have families and there won’t be labour force to work in farm fields, to be fletchers, brewers, or to create weaponry. In the case of having a limited number of resources, we may set restrictions in the alimentary rations of our subjects, but they may dislike it and lead the city to chaos. Taxes are also something disliked among villagers, but they are our main source of incomes…and all these issues have to be solved before the enemies that threat us, attack.

Stronghold Crusader follows the line initiated by Stronghold a year before. The same graphics and some enhancement for one of those games which appeared pretty quietly and that worked perfectly. Its success is based on the mixture of genres and of the online mode, and moreover, because it has been able to return to that old strategy, simple and effective.

We are placed in the 12th century. Europe fights in the Holy Land against Arabians in a war that will last for two centuries. Kings and nobles of all over the old continent are coming to the Near East looking for redemption and victory. After the undefined medieval Europe of the first game, the action now is placed between the second and the third Crusade.

The gameplay of Stronghold Crusader is quite interesting and it is divided into several modes:

  • History Mode: Richard the Lionheart, a brave King of England, is a crusader and the hero of the history of this game.
  • In 50 missions linked among them, we will help him to go through the old continent to the conquest of Jerusalem and in his battle against the great Saladin.
  • Historic Campaign Mode: divided in four blocks of five missions each, it will make us live concrete historical events among European forces and the Arabian World, during the second and the third Crusade.
  • Customized Game: choose your rivals and the kind of map and manage the whole territory. Just in case we still want more, this game includes a map creator to generate our own adventures.

Regarding graphical aspects, we have to admit that we are no facing something marvellous. Modelling, animations and other 3D effects that we can find in other strategy games are conspicuous by their absence in Stronghold Crusader. Nevertheless, we do also have to take into account that the shift to 2D has been made quite graciously. Tropes are really well differentiated from one to another and with some animations that make them unique. Buildings and strongholds are also pretty full of details and scenarios are full of different elements such as animals, stones, rivers, different kinds of trees, and different landscapes, which give a sensation of life. The setting is completed with a quite goodsoundtrack, but that follows the general line of the strategy game: quiet melodies together with great sound effects.

The online game is another of the possibilities that grant the fun. In the developer’s web we will find a great number of online forums that will help us to find other players, as well as the options of a great technical support. From patches to correct errors, to mini-games, modding utilities, guide editor, screensavers and other additional content to download online for free in order to expand the game experience.

PHP Nuke’s opinion of Stronghold Crusader

Stronghold Crusader is a strategy game that comes too late in many issues and without any improvements. The strategy genre has suffered a big decay, partially because of the oversaturation of titles that in many cases, are only different because of the worlds or the historical periods in which they are placed. The graphics are 2D again and even if they are elaborated and have a bigvariety of forms and objects, they are still simple and outdated facing the 3D models we find in other games of this sector. However, the union of game’s concepts has generated a pretty funny and appealingprogram.

Regarding the strategy, Stronghold Crusader lacks some strong points. It’s relatively complex to use and battles always end in a quite chaotic way. When we fight against the machine, we can see that its attacks are soft but continuous. However, while we will find the History mode pretty simple, single missions will become real nightmares against the PC. Moreover, sieges will be so frequent that it will be a bit complicated for us to manage the economy of our society without losing our minds.

And actually, the real work in Stronghold Crusader is not battling; keeping our villagers safe and happy will be something essential. The key will be trying to make work onlythe ones who are strictly necessary.In order to do that, we will have to keep the houses at minimum levels and to create more just if it is indispensable. This way, we will have all the vacant jobs filled but we will not spend nourishment in vain.

At the bottom part of the screen we can see a man with a book. His face will be very important because it is the reflection of the moral and satisfaction of the citizens towards us. Making them angry will only unchain the loss of effectives and thus the paralysation of the city. We have to try to generate resources enough to fit together the war with the creation of a prosper city.

Churches, taverns, and gardens will relieve riots caused by the high taxes. Walls and patrolled walls will give us a certain advantage over extern enemy, but we will also have to fight against the internal one. Diseases transmitted by some animals can quickly decimate our population; and our weakness as governors can promote riots that can end up with us or whir the gibbet to the insurgents. The way our subjects see us, (fear – benevolence) will also have an effect on our game.

Castles can be enhanced in lots of ways. We will have extensions available, stairs, walls, watchtowers, etc. Their creation is made almost immediately, so we won’t have to wait too long until they are built to start using them, nor spending villagers on it. There is also a wide range of buildings, all interconnected among them. You will have to think both in crops and in barns to keep and store your products. We will also need to extend the resources we get and the weapons we create, so if we have a good production, we will need enough space. In Stronghold Crusader the survival of the society will depend on its inner organization.

As we can observe, we are not facing a simple game. It will be quite hard starting to play with guarantees, and much more, to master the techniques of management of the city and of the combats. The tutorial should be the solution, but it is actually quite deficient in explaining more concepts that just the basic ones of: camera, movement, and creation of some buildings.

The first victory will be especially sweet, but before it, we will have to bear in mind that we are going to lose a lot of times. But talking about humiliating defeats, the online mode is where we will suffer the most. From rounds lasting hours, to be killed in just a few minutes, that’s why I strongly recommend the game through LAN (although it needs an original CD for each computer). To get more information about Stronghold Crusader after the download, don’t doubt about visiting the .

Technical requirements

To install and play Stronghold Crusader we will need:

  • Operating System: Windows 95 or higher
  • RAM Memory: 64MB
  • Free space in hard disk: 750 MB
  • Graphic card of 4 MB compatible with Direct X.
  • Internet connexion for online mode


Stronghold Crusader is the anticipated continuation of the game developed by FireFly Studios with the same name. Exactly the same regarding the graphics and system of its predecessor, Crusader places us in Christian and Arabian wars of the second and third Crusades. It can be through the steps of Richard the Lionheart, or remembering historical battles of the moment, the game will give us the task of creating a new city around the castle and protecting it. In order to do that, we can count on our biggest source: villagers, which will help or abandon us, depending on our management and defence of their interests.

Thus, we are facing a game that combines strategy and urban management in a product in which our survival is based on the good inner choices and in the construction of a big castle. Ideal and completely recommended for all the lovers of the strategy, especially of the one that used to be made years ago.

  • Innovation of a genre that was beginning to get halted
  • Good storyline and online mode
  • New tropes and game’s necessities
  • Web support with updates, forum and shop
  • Simple but effective graphics…
  • Too simple for current times
  • Too chaotic battle systems
  • Exactly the same game as its predecessor
  • Poor tutorial that does not explain combat techniques
  • Some requirements are needed to play Stronghold Crusader multiplayer