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Excellent Software That Can Take Newbie Web Designers to Become Professionals Real Fast

By Christine Diaz

On Friday, May 23, 2014

Dreamweaver CS6 has a vital upgrade for anyone who wants to construct web pages or applications that automatically become accustomed when viewed in a website browser on a computer or even on mobile and portable devices. For years, I have been creating most of my web-based design under publicized Expression Web, but now with this software, I can now work more easily and much fast. This program is the original web editor built for multiplatform with a complete support for CSS3 and HTML5.

I like the graphic interface tool of this software that edit graphic objects like animations, sketches, photos, printed pages and for editing raw HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and other text code. For newbie web designers, I think that this version is the best for learning how to construct websites, since it includes various techniques. You can position the elements you want, or as an alternative you can directly write the code.

Overall, Dreamweaver CS6 is categorically the first and only web-building software that works efficiently and proficiently in the multiplatform world. We know that, there are some flaws, but this program has more authority and versatility than anything else in its kind.


  • It has an awesome tool
  • Can work fast and easily


  • It has a complex interface
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Easy To Create Responsive Web Designs with This Potent Web Builder

By Reinalei Jamir

On Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dreamweaver has been a top contender editor for a long stretch of time. It is trouble-free and simple to use and this program has a set of qualities that can take a newbie web designer to an expert very swiftly. This update in some ways is very exciting, and in others it is quite disappointing. But for me, this updated version is a good one. It has new tools for working with websites both for your computer and portable devices.

I like the addition of fluid grid layouts. This tool lets you identify accurately how the page elements will be positioned when your site is showed on a wide screen PC or even on a small screen of a mobile device. This software also has a built-in support for PhoneGap. It is an open source platform that makes it easier to generate a solitary web application that runs on multiple mobile devices.

Dreamweaver CS6 is a potent Web builder with fine code-editing, CSS, and site management abilities. It also brings huge additions for working with a couple of CSS3 properties and for constructing mobile-friendly sites.


  • It has a much better mobile support
  • It has responsive web designs


  • It can be frustrating for beginners
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Make the web more responsive new Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Suite 6!

By Sachin Titus

On Friday, June 6, 2014

Dreamweaver plays the lion’s share in coloring up the internet and without Dreamweaver, this network will be a boring world. Adobe packs each version of this revolutionary web developing tool with a hand full of new features. Now, let’s take a deeper look on the new Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, which is a professional’s pick for developing HTML5 apps and responsive websites today.

Adobe introduces “fluid grid layouts” in Dreamweaver CS6 which helps you preview how things will be arranged when the page is viewed from devices with different screen sizes. Of course this improvement can help you make pages more responsive which people love. Another good feature is the built-in Phone Gap tools, which help you, create simple web-based apps that work on different mobile platforms. CS6 has also improved CSS transitions and better Query mobile integration. You can also test your apps on emulators as we do for android development in eclipse.

Flash support is another attractive feature. Everyone knows that Dreamweaver can handle flash files and a description on it may not be necessary.

User Interface of the software is extremely perfect and you will fall in love with it if you are a pro. You can find everything from the single window. But, noobs may not be able to use it with ease and requires some practice.


Dreamweaver CS6 is the best platform available to create multi-platform web applications and web pages like a pro. If you are really good at developing web apps, Dreamweaver CS6 will be the best choice for you. Please don’t waste 400$ if you are a perfect noob. In my opinion, the software is affordable at 400

if you are a good developer.


  • Flash support is improved in CS6
  • Image aligning is not a nightmare with "fluid grid layouts"
  • Phone Gap support allows to create web based phone apps
  • Almost all web development functions available


  • Price is not reachable for commons
  • Requires expertise and noobs cannot handle it
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • for educational purposes since im only a student and a beginner in web design and building,so i wil appreciate and be very grateful to u pple

  • Because I need it for my homework at university, it is so important to have this programme on my computer at home. I am interested in learning.

  • yes l like it my program make it and project used Dreamweaver app application htm css php java script i want plz requested to you open th

  • i want to make some shopping websites and this is possible due to use the adobe dreamweaver cs6 it has important tools such as CSS and as well as html 5

  • project in computer thesis yeah hard work programming im a noob but i will learn yup programs making that programs php css shoots like that ye

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have used Notepads software which quite similar to this and on there I can do some coding and designing a website. it is useful but I like HTML more

  • Not a lot of programs that you used, but uses language HTML and I want to use this program for their work in the near future and training and gain experience from now

  • dobe dreamweaver cc and also i used adobe photoshop cc for editing an image to use my website that's it i don't have much more experience ab

  • i am very interesting to work with this software beacause it is an emazing one for me. i think it can developed my skill about css andhtml to

  • adobe cs5.5,html, notepad the advanced one, notepad editter and even others don't ask me so much silly go back to nursary tumbavu oba temwagala

What do you like most about this program?
  • this is very user interface and nmsy to develop programs using this dream wiaver. i feel the best software in market that's why i'm choosing

  • It is famous kind of version and how beautiful than others so why i choose Dreamweaver CS6. Please kindly forgive me to download this because I want this.

  • designing function is the best that i found and its somehow easy to learn this and variety of new function has been added which enhances performances.

  • it will be a big help in my final requirement it is so fun and easy to use i really enjoy using dreamweaver cs6 thank you very much for giving a free trial

  • Easy to use and looks beautiful. not as easy as wix.com but loks more appealing. I also need it for school project wich this program can help loads

The new Adobe Dreamweaver is here now, and with it, a set of changes which will make Web creation easier and more intuitive. Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is the new bet of Adobe for HTML edition for professional developers based on an easy-to-use philosophy. It is able to create dynamic pages in a simple and visual way, without writing a programming line.

With its Drag-and-drop system, it produces Webs and applications and observes how they work in different platforms and browsers in an almost immediate way. The new and advanced applications of Dreamweaver CS6 version make this program an essential tool for designers and thanks to its simple use, for any person who wants to initiate themselves in the Web developing. It is possibly the best visual Web editor for PC.

Dreamweaver CS6 Features

  • Focused on working with portable devices (tablets and smartphones)
  • Typography: at last we will be able to use the sources we prefer without the need to convert the text to .gif
  • Improvement in the compatibility with jquery and enhanced PhoneGap
  • Integration of Adobe Business Catalyst
  • Fluid Grid Layout: create compatible Web design with different platforms and browsers
  • Creative Cloud: programs renting in flat-rate format


When Adobe bought Macromedia many developers, designers, ideas men and users in general (professional or not), were worried about it. What will happen now with those incredible Web creation, animation and design programs? We have discovered that Adobe’s plans were not to generate a huge Photoshop with thousands of tools, but to produce a group of programs linked among them and to complete the functionality of its best products: PDF and Flash.

The idea is to produce a wide and attractive range of content and applications that, basically, offer all the necessary tools to the design work and audiovisual production, with a huge interactivity between them, as well as a future work standard. After these explanations, in part given by Adobe General Manager and President, we find out Dreamweaver CS6, one of the best products of Macromedia, reinforced with the huge Californian Company.

In chronological order this application is the 12.0 version, but it has been renamed as sixth launch of the CS saga and ends up making Adobe GoLive editor disappear. Dreamweaver CS6 is presented with a lot of novelties compared to previous versions. Therefore, we can notice that there is a new perspective which is focused on portable devices and which makes a strong bet on HTML5.

The most significant improvements are listed below:

  • CSS3 Transitions: in Dreamweaver CS6 we will be able to animate the property changes easily and without the need to write one single line of the cumbersome code. With this novelty we will get to make effects that give a better aspect and higher life to the animation design.
  • Enhancement in Fluid Grid Layout: based on CSS3, it will allow us to create compatible Web design with any other platform and browser, which will enable to achieve multiple window sites.
  • Adobe Business Catalyst: Adobe’s unified lodging platform is totally integrated in Dreamweaver now. A Business Catalyst panel will connect the two programs in order to edit created websites and generate e-commerce sites.
  • Improved compatibility with jquery Mobile framework: now you can design native applications for Android and iPhone iOS portable platforms. Thanks to this compatibility, it is possible to create applications for mobile devices in an easy way and substantially reducing developer’s workflow.
  • Compatibility with updated PhonGap: we will simplify the creation and grouping of native applications for iOS and Android. By reorganizing HTML code, we will produce apps for mobile devices, and thanks to its emulators, we will check the designs easily.

But the main advantage offered by Dreamweaver CS6 is the perfect integration with the rest of programs of Adobe’s Suite, being really simple to work with Flash, Fireworks, etc. This interactivity will make easier the creation process and besides, it will save the tedious task of jumping from program to program or converting formats.

Another advance related to the compatibility deals with the different browsers which are currently in the market. Thanks to Dreamweaver’s Live View technology and with the help of Adobe BrowserLab, we can make advance preview of how our Web will work immediately and without the typical surprises after its publication. CS6 is totally prepared for the latest Web creation tendencies, so it has an incredible integration and support for content management system (CMS) such as Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla!

Regarding the interface, we will see that Dreamweaver CS6 has not changed a lot compared to the previous version CS5. It follows the same distribution as in previous editions, but the changes are inside. If you know other versions such as CS3 or previous, you will notice how the way of working has been improved and how easy is to create Websites now. It is not necessary to have information about FTP or URLs accounts to start working. In this sense, the templates of Dreamweaver CS6 have progressed and they are very useful in order to see what we need, as well as to discover how we will do it. This is a perfect example of the Adobe’s new easy-to-use philosophy.

Novelties and new tools aside, something which has surprised both critics and users is the step taken by Adobe toward something that, as we believe, they will try to impose to the following editions. Creative Cloud has come to stay and offers as many possibilities as limitations. For the first time, CS6 suite is provided by Adobe in a totally digital format and with the option to monthly renting.

This means that for only 50 dollars per month, we will be able to use all the programs of the suite without any restriction. At first, it seems a really considerable saving since Dreamweaver CS6’s Master Collection version has a price of 2,600 dollars. Comparing it, we will depreciate it in just four years approximately. However, taking into account that Adobe is offering a new suite every year, it will not be profitable.

Cloud’s advantages do not only concentrate on monetary issues, all the programs will constantly be connected to Adobe’s servers, so, in case you have any problem, it would be solved instantly thanks to the online support. The updates would act in the same way; we have to remind that we are hiring a service, not a specific program.

It is also true that Adobe ensures faithful professional users, who pay every month and save in the production and transportation of the physical format. As we have Dreamweaver CS6 to our disposal and without any restriction, the options are unlimited. From the programs compatibility and interactivity, following by the savings of working time, to the possible joining together of several applications in order to create one more powerful and with better resources.

It is clear that Adobe has known how to form a great package of programs in Dreamweaver CS6 and that this will produce big Webs, animations and audiovisual creations. Dreamweaver has progressed if we compare it with previous versions and, although it has complicate some parts of its way of working in order to give support to the new kind of products of the market, it is still as friendly with the user as before, and it has known how to keep this intuitive way of working acquired from the missing Macromedia. Dreamweaver CS6 is the best program of the market related to Web creation, and the most used among professionals all over the world.

PHP Nuke's opinion

The first thing we notice during Dreamweaver CS6 download and installation is the considerable weight increase which the program has suffered since the purchase of Macromedia by Adobe. From the 100 mega that version 8 occupied, to one Giga of space that it occupies now. This has produced a huge reduction in relation to the program lightness and power. Searching about this fact, we can see how gutting the task installer we find several programs referred and focused on Creative Cloud, whether we use them or not.

Once we have enter to the program desktop, we will notice that Dreamweaver CS6 offers the same features as the previous versions, and that to a large extend, it takes the same shape and distributions as most of Adobe programs. It is clear that the idea is to convert CS suite in a creation standard and the path is marked.

After the fusion of the Adobe programs with ones of Macromedia, the only thing to do is to join them in a way that they could end up working as one, and that is the idea that they are trying to get with Creative Cloud. If we are professional, the idea is quite good, but when we only use these programs for our amateur works, it is so difficult to keep a 50 dollar fee per month for a number of programs that we will not use. Most of critics to this way of renting programs come from this fact.

However, if we are professionals, we will be glad with absolutely everything that Dreamweaver CS6 has prepared for us. The joining together and the interactivity between programs are perfect and it will save more than one extra step at the moment of making our work. When it comes to the program, Dreamweaver CS6 offers us a big amount of tools in this sense. From previews of our Webs, to ways of working focused on new languages (HTML5) and new formats such as mobile phone and tablets, they offer new possibilities for the new tendencies of business.

In this aspect is where we have found the application that has impressed us the most. Thanks to Phonegap Build, Dreamweaver will manage our applications and it will return them compiled for all mobile operating systems. In order to try them, a simple code QR will be displayed in the screen and with any reader of our Smartphone, it will be ready for you to download and install it.

So we are dealing with the more complete Web creation program of the market. Very few times we could join “professional” with “simple” in a sentence, but the work of Adobe has been really good. It is not perfect, a little slow and with high weight, but we understand that all that is because of the good connectivity and interaction among programs. For all those who want to work in Web design, Dreamweaver CS6 is totally indispensable. For more information about this program, after its download, you can visit the distributor Website .

System requirements

For a good download and installation of Dreamweaver CS6, you will need these technical specifications:

  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon of 64 bits or higher
  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 installed (although Service Pack 3i is recommendable)
  • Memory: 512MB at least
  • At least 1GB of available space in the hard disk for the installation; some extra available space is required during the installation (it can be installed in removable storage devices)
  • Screen resolution: 1580x800 with a video card of at least 16 bits
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.6 (included)
  • Software QuickTime 7.6.6 is required for HTML5 multimedia content reproduction
  • This software will not work if it is not activated. Connection to broadband Internet is required as well as being registered in order to activate the software, validate subscriptions and gain access to online services. Activation by telephone is not available.


Dreamweaver CS6 is a perfect tool for Web pages creation. It is focused on Web work and design in mobile devices (tablets and smartphones). It offers formatting compatibility with other programs of the suite, which makes it easier at the moment of doing our work and allows us to save time.

This is the ideal program for those professionals who want to take to the limit their web pages. For those beginners who want to start with web and app design, Dreamweaver CS6 offers a really easy-to-use experience with many tutorials and templates to work with. Thanks to the new digital distribution offered by Adobe, with Creative Clouds we will be able to enjoy the whole package CS6 with a very interesting price and we will have an online technique support available.

  • Perfect integration with the rest of programs of Dreamweaver CS6 suite.
  • It has been thought for designs in mobiles and tablets with high operating system compatibility.
  • New toolbars for creation and edition of transitions with CSS3.
  • Web sources. Totally compatible with HTML5 property “Font face”.
  • Improvements in the Web previewing in multiscreens.
  • Creative Cloud integrated.
  • Easy-to-use
  • High price.
  • It occupies a lot of space, both the installer and the final program.