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Adobe PageMaker 7.0.2


Adobe PageMaker 7.0.2 is a greatsoftware to make all you creations and documents with professional quality. It is ideal for creating pamphlets, magazines, files, envelopes, and any kind of document or composition in general. The program is completely integrated in Adobe suite, so we can use it with other programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

Moreover, Adobe PageMaker has a very intuitive and easy interface. It includes predesignedtemplates in order to make it easier the starting of the compositions and allows the user to add images. Besides, we will be able to add our Excel tables or databases easily. We will be also able to edit the text directly, include watermarks to our files and import and export data of Microsoft Office suite’s programs.

Adobe PageMaker 7.0.2 Features

The more remarkable features of Adobe PageMaker are:

  • Creation of documents with professional quality
  • Completely integrated with other programs of Adobe suite, such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator
  • Wide variety of templates for the creation of documents
  • It allows the user to create files in PDF with watermark
  • Possibility to add any photo to the files
  • It allows using any other document in order to add it to your creations (magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, reports, files, etc.)


Adobe PageMaker 7.0.2 is the ideal Adobe suite’s program for the layout of pages with professional quality. The program allows us to create every kind of documents with a high-quality for printers or electronic distribution. With it, we will have many possibilities for our creations, not only because of the templates it includes, but also because it is totally integrated with other programs of the suite, such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Another important feature of Adobe PageMaker is the possibility to combine texts with data and graphics stored in databases or in spreadsheets. With all this, we will be able to customize our files to the maximum, depending on what we are going to produce. Thanks to the possibility to import and export text of Microsoft Office’s documents, Adobe PageMaker is the suitable program for designing professionals and not so professionals.

And of course, the software allows us to create and visualize files in Adobe’s PDF too. Thanks to this program, we will be able to add information related to the documents and change its security, as well as its compatibility with other versions and programs options. Another tool that we will use is the one that allows us to add watermarks and change the advanced settings of Acrobat Distiller program from Adobe PageMaker.

Apart from what has been already mentioned, we will have the option to include tags related to the accessibility of the document. As we said before, the program is completely integrated with other ones of Adobe suite. Thanks to this fact, we can place other PDF files created with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator directly in our PageMaker files, in order to be able to work with them without any kind of problem. The way to do this is very simple. This last version of the software allows us to copy the files just by dragging and copying the original Photoshop or Illustrator file directly in Adobe PageMaker. There is also the option of the dialog box called “Place”, with which we can perform the same function, although the first one saves us more time.

But the program does not only have these functions. It includes a new conversion utility which will allow us to open and place documents from other programs with no relation to Adobe suite directly in PageMaker, for instance, QuarkXpress 3.3-4.1. We will also have the possibility to perform the same function with Microsoft programs, such as Microsoft Publisher 95-2000. In addition, we will be able to copy our Microsoft word documents in PageMaker directly for our own compositions layout or to add them to our PDF. It is clear that it is a great advantage to have the files always to our disposal in the format we want.

In addition, Adobe PageMaker also includes other novelties. We can develop any kind of composition depending on our necessities. With PageMaker, the production of completely outlined reports for newspapers, magazines, forms or any other type of documents is simplified thanks to the features previously mentioned, but also thanks to the possibility to add images to the documents.

Apart from that, Adobe PageMaker includes some templates and frames in order to make our layout task easier and to give more quality to our compositions. Everything gets done in a much faster way, since the program also has the option to apply master pages in our creations, to use types of different designs in the same document or to create several versions of it thanks to the possibility toproducelayers to configure it.

The software has a text editor included just in case we do not want to write or format our texts in the composition mode and we prefer to do it directly in the editor. Besides, it has a series of menus, palettes, and keyboard shortcuts to make its handing much easier.

But without a doubt whatsoever, one of the most important features of the program is its final high-quality in the documents. Adobe PageMaker offers support for the main printer brands. This allows us to print our files in almost any kind of device, from the first printer we had at home to the digital printers, and the commercial ones of high-end, for companies, or even for printing houses.

All this is also possible thanks to the great options that it offers in the printing environment PageMaker. We will be able to obtain a high-quality color thanks to its “Zoom Burst” option and the integrated possibility for the color distinction. With it, we can manage the color and, therefore, getprofessional qualityoutputs.

Apart from all these features related to printing, we also find the possibility to use the advanced printing options that Adobe PageMaker has. This way, we will be able to print our creations double-side, and the program includes a series of plugins to keep and create a series of documents in which include our creations.

PHP Nuke's opinion

This is an useful software for almost everybody. First, to professional level, it is great to do any printing related to our company, no matter what our necessities are. Its high-quality of printing will allow us to create exceptional documents thanks to the different options that it presents at the time to manage color, images, and data just before the printing.

We have to highlight that this softwaresped up our work thanks to the different improvements previously mentioned, what allow us to do our compositions in a much faster and efficient way. We can do any kind of document and incorporate data or texts of almost any format. This is a great aid to be able to have all our information at our creations disposal.

Apart from the fact that Adobe PageMaker is completely integrated with the rest of Adobe suite constituents (what allows us to include created elements with Illustrator or Photoshop), it also offers the possibility to import and export data, texts and images from other programs out of Adobe suite. We can include our spreadsheets, databases or documents of the Office pack in order to be able to create our PDF files, always keeping a high-quality. Thanks to this, we will be able to do reports in a much more complete way, adding almost any piece of information to it, with the possibility to edit it. All this, thanks to the multiple options that Adobe PageMaker offers us in the editing environment. In addition, we will be able to edit every document, from the texts, the images or the data that we can include, to the ones obtained from other programs or files.

Saying that Adobe PageMaker has an exceptional quality at professional level, it does not mean that it is exclusively for that end. In general, graphic design, composition and edition of documents programs tend to transgress of an excessive complication in its use and management, something that users with not so close relation with this sector find a little bit difficult when creatingtheir layouts and editions. With Adobe PageMaker this does not happen. The program presents us a very simple interface, really intuitive, what makes our work and the way of achieving it quite easy. Its performing is very simple; with hardly some clicks we can get our compositions in just a few moments. The possibility to drag the images or documents directly to our composition in order to place them in Adobe PageMaker is exceptional.

It is really easy to manage it; moreover, the composition mode allows us to edit everything in a simple and comfortable way. And if we do not get to manage it very well, we always have the option to use the editor mode in the menu to be able to do it from there, as well as the dialog box “Place” with which we can add the images if we do not want to drag them directly.

In addition, the wide variety of templates and frames that the software offers at our disposal makes indicating our compositions much easier. We cannot allege anymore the lack of creativity because, just looking at the templates, we will make our creativity run and we will do it in a simple and without complications way. It also includes a variety of menus, palettes and other complements that facilitate our work and that help us in the development of the documents. Without a doubt, Adobe PageMaker is the editing software for those who do not get on well with this sector and this kind of programs. It will get us out of trouble in a really easy and comfortable way, quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, Adobe PageMaker is a program that we should have if we are designing fans or just pure beginners, or people who need to create a design and do not know how to use other programs well. The great quality and its easy management make this program an ideal one for almost every user.

System requirements

In order to use Adobe PageMaker in our computer, we will need:

  • Processor: Intel Pentium
  • OS: Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 6 or higher
  • RAM Memory: 32 MB of available RAM at least or higher
  • Hard-disk: 175 MB of available space for the installation. It is recommendable to have 200 MB as minimum
  • Graphic card with a minimum resolution of 800 x 600 and 8 bits/256 colors
  • For Adobe PostScript printers, it is necessary Adobe PostScript level 2 or higher

For further information about the product, after the download, you can visit the developer’s website .


Adobe PageMaker is the great bet of Adobe for the edition of documents with professional quality. After several editions, this version 7.0.2 is presented as the handiest for users. Becoming more integrated in adobe suite, PageMaker presents us a very similar interface to the rest of the programs of the brand, which allows a perfect interaction among them and shaves the problematic extension changing and format.

With the new Adobe PageMaker we will be able to generate our magazines, pamphlets, and files in a very simple and intuitive way. The attached templates will become in a great ally for those who are starting in the layout world, and thanks to the huge number of pre-installed printer drivers, we will be able to control our final products to the last detail.

Adobe PageMaker is an indispensable software for those that are used to Adobe suite, as well as for the ones who are beginners in the layout world. A really useful program, but which is not able to beat the competence’s products.

  • High-quality designs
  • Integrated with other programs of Adobe suite
  • Creation of PDF files with watermark
  • Includes templates to start the projects
  • Allows adding any image
  • You can include any other document to you creation
  • It does not beat the competence


For what are you going to use the program?
  • college work . we have to learn this software si im downloading it to learn the basics so i can scoree amazing in my practicals, i hope that is clear.

  • The programme will be use for typing and printing of church bulletin. Irs going to be a weekly acrivities. I ll find the parkage very useful

  • For my personal documentation as student. I have bough the sotware many years ago when I had money and I found your product very good. Because of this I really fell in love with it. It helps me in writing and drawing /designining documents.

  • I am gonna use it for projects like brochures, templates, invitations, graphic layouts, and other digital designs that used for presentation and strategies.

  • i need this for study purpose. I have many pagemeker files which are not opening in Microsoft word. Can you please help me? All I need the Pagemaker

What similar programs have you used?
  • yes i using like that software this one really a good but little bit problem for create some graphic so please provide the full verson of this

  • I have use different programs in making a school paper like microsoft publisher, powerpoint, photoshop, microsoft word,photoscape, and other

  • no,there is sefific time to use,,but i can try now ths software,always all of the designer can try and looking for firs soft ware,for his own

  • To work in a globally competitive environment on challenging assignments that shall yield to the twin benefits of job satisfaction and steady paced professional growth.

  • only trial version used from own use and typing settings.many work for me the witting more and more worker in this field so i wanted this software

What do you like most about this program?
  • it is unique and during printing high clarity shows compared to microsoft word. We can use this to do notice, cards etc. Very legible to read and easy to start with

  • Adobe Pagemaker is the only one program i know in Pagemaking. And I believe it can help me alot in doing my school page assignment. Mostly our school news.

  • now i need for professional work in future so now i need trail version kindly provide next time i will purchase of legally or subscribe to this software

  • I am very much comfortable to use this program specially to make my personal book and to draw the drawing which can easily set up rather than microsoft

  • The program is user friendly and produces professional looking documents even when used by a novice. Not much downtime due to training requirements.



By Dann Kamau

On Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Adobe PageMaker 7.0.2

If there is one program among many that is able to multitask, call it Adobe PageMaker. Events organizers, printing press organizations, business people etc benefit most from its usage. Adobe PageMaker makes all your creations and documents with professional quality. It creates pamphlets, magazines, cards of any kind and much more. It is a tool with a lot of economic values addition.

The genious thing about Adobe PageMaker is that it is able to interface with other programs such as photoshop, illustrator, excel etc. Photographs, excel tables, illustrations made in these other programs can be imported into it. The program is built up with predesigned templates which makes it easier starting of compositions and user can just add images to it. Text can be edited directly to include watermarks to the files.

The usage of this program is easy as it is built with intuitive leads. Its usage is very well spread from big printing companies to small shops printing invitation cards, funeral programs, events programs etc. It is therefore one program that is widely used.


  • Ability to interface with other programs
  • It has a very high economic value addition factor


  • Quality printing of documents is a bit expensive
Ease to access guides and manuals:




By Angel Angeles

On Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Adobe page maker comes integrated with adobe software suites such as adobe Photoshop and illustrator. I advice anyone who wants their magazines, brochures and newsletters to be eye catching to use adobe page maker. It is the best one can find the in the market for making the earlier mentioned. I am the kind that believes expensive products come in handy with high quality, and being a business lady and an employee as well I have found Adobe page maker to be the best software in producing brochures while advertising my business.

Personally after having used other DTB soft wares in the market I finally settled on Adobe page maker due to its stability and efficiency in processing. This is because I found it to be far more better than the rest of DTB software. When I started using adobe page maker, I was surprised at how easy it was to understand how to use it. I required no lecture or research to be able to use this software.


  • very easy to use and aso understand.
  • It is stable and efficient in processing.


  • It is a very expensive application.
Ease to access guides and manuals:



Want to be proffessional in your work in the office or at home, use Adobe pagemaker

By Irene Mugambi

On Monday, September 1, 2014

Adobe pagemaker is a high quality software used for creating things

like envelopes, magazines, files. To be general it is a document

creating software. It is made and developed in such a way that one can

add even images and also put watermarks to files. This makes it all

easy in file and data composition. The final results also shows professionalism in the work.

Adobe pagemaker developes the pages in layout, and its quality is

higher and so looks great in printout. Even when you attach a file to

send to someone through the mail the results are undoubtedly


Adobe pagemaker is combined with adobe photoshop which makes the

results even greater. With it one can be able to add related

information to the document, change, change its security and many

orher options in it. There is also an option for tags and with the

combination of other related adobes like the adobe photoshop one can

put the other created files for quick, easy and excellent work.


  • Combination with photoshop for better results
  • Can be able to create and put watermarks
  • Can add images to created files


  • Needs some ammendments due to life development
Ease to access guides and manuals: